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Client Representation (Known generally as "agency")

Today, specialized representation has evolved to become the norm in most residential real estate transactions. Defined simply, this means that the buyer and the seller each have their own realtor. Generally, each realtor is from a different brokerage, although there are exceptions.

Buyer Representation (Buyer's Agent/Broker)

As a buyer, you want to be assured that the realtor you have chosen constantly has your best interests in mind. The buyer/ buyer's agent relationship is very unique. You are entrusting a person outside your immediate family with personal and often emotional information that will be used to help you make the largest single purchase of your life. You have to be convinced that this person understands your wants and needs, will keep you focused and away from pitfalls that could cost you money and happiness down the road and will play "devil's advocate" when you need perspective. In the end, all of these must be components of every aspect of your home search as well as being the underlying framework of any purchase offer you submit. We, at David Rose Realtors, proudly represent buyers with all of these considerations (and more) in mind.

Seller's Representation (Seller's Broker/Agent)

Representing a seller requires the same level of professionalism, knowledge, commitment and attention to detail by the real estate professional that is required by a "buyer's agent/broker". The relationship between the client and the realtor develops the same way. Obviously, the seller client's concerns are different in many ways, but the route to achieve the client's goals is the same...Secure a purchase offer in as short a period of time as possible, have that offer fall within a dollar range that is acceptable and find a buyer who can complete the transaction within a time frame that is suitable. While somewhat understated, this is the formula for a perfect sale. While transactions don't always evolve quite so perfectly, we at David Rose Realtors approach our listed properties with a belief that knowledge and hard work, communication, negotiation to inspire co-operation by all parties will yield the seller's desired results.


Knowing the market value of your home is essential. We can provide a comprehensive CMA (comparative market analysis) that will be based upon properties that have recently sold and are currently listed. Only properties that are comparable in size, age, style, amenities and location are used. There is always a + / - factor in valuation. Therefore, our evaluation will include a HVP (high value potential), AVP (average value potential) and a LVP (low value potential). This value range allows the homeowner to make more informed financial decisions concerning remodeling, refinancing, selling and estate planning.


Our experience with buyers and sellers has exposed us to many lenders. We have found that the initial lure of the best interest rate can come at a much higher cost to our clients when one of these companies drags their feet in processing documents or communicating critical information to the various parties involved. We offer our clients a list of mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and banks from which to choose if they so desire. These are companies that have handled transactions for some of our past and present clients in a timely, professional and cost-effective manor.


Clients often walk into a house that is in the right location and on the right lot but may lack "flow functionality" for their family make-up and/or lifestyle. Many people lack the "eye" for what can be done to enhance a living space. David Rose has an extensive background in construction and housing design. He has remodeled client's kitchens, bathrooms and designed complete additions and decks. David has the hands-on skill and experience to actually do the work, but relies on a short list of hand picked, professional contractors whose workmanship can be seen upon request. This knowledge and enthusiasm to help clients find and/or create their dream-house makes David Rose Realtors the "added value" real estate broker!

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